In Case You Were Wondering How Rich Mike Sonko Is, This Is How Rich He Is

If you got it flaunt it. This phrase has been put into practice lately with the flamboyant Mike Sonko senator for Nairobi County. In his office he stacked up thousand shilling notes summing up to more than a million and posted it on facebook.

As you would expect, this rubbed the people he serves the wrong way especially given the fact that majority of them live way below the poverty line. The Senator is known for throwing money around to the people which has with time raised questions concerning his seemingly unending source of wealth.
‘The Nairobi senator is such a show off. There are many Kenyans richer than he is and who do not behave remotely close to the way he does. Your money should be your business’, a proud Kenyan commented on the photo on facebook.

Another facebook user commented and put to question the credibility of the photo saying that it must have been photoshopped.

Well, regardless of all this, one thing is for sure, he is not shy to show off his wealth, or rather part of his wealth.