Njoki Chege Is At It Again

Few weeks back, it was established that Njoki Chege is biased against young Kenyan men after her attack on Roysambu and South B men. Now it seems she is doing it again, attacking men below 30 with no apologies to make.

This time round her target was the men who are egotistical and arrogant bigwigs on social media who have 39000 followers but can only afford 3900 for rent, interesting choice of numbers. Njoki Chege makes stark comparison on mama’s boys who have all but Twitter followers and nothing else for after their parents sacrifice in taking them for higher education, yet this boys blame and call women sluts for wanting more financially responsible men.

She went ahead and vividly described the reckless and careless drunkard attitude of the 29 year olds who are dead broke making a steep contrast with the 40 year old millionaires. In her post Njoki Cheges’ comparison is right on track after all, how many drunks who participate in careless sex orgies at their late twenties own a dime at their forties, useless boys and useless men they turn out to be.

Njoki stated clearly ‘These young men who are too big for their britches should stop being shallow wussy babes and act their age not their shoe size’ and am sure many women would agree, As she rightfully phrased it “go to hell”.

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