5 Men Arrested for Stripping a woman in Kayole

Following the resent stripping cases in Mombasa and Nairobi, an ‘Anti-Stripping Squad’ has been formed. This squad has more than 12 police officers whose work is to arrest anyone who either sexually assaults a woman or strips her because of what she is wearing. This ‘Anti-Stripping Squad’ is located in Nairobi.

Over a week ago a young woman was stripped naked in Kayole. The police have been doing their best to arrest the culprits. The woman was able to identify five men who were involved in the act. The five men were arrested by the police officers on Wednesday.

A lot of efforts are being made to ensure that these acts against women are stopped. The police have appealed to women who have been assaulted to come forward and report the incident in order for the people responsible to be punished. The Law Society of Kenya has also asked for permission to persecute anyone arrested for stripping a woman in public.