Samuel Etoo Marries Someone and this time it’s not a new Football Club.

You will be amazed at the number of private weddings that are held on a daily basis but what will shock you even more are the people that are married in these weddings and we so happened to get a sniff of one who might shock you. After being referred to as an old man by Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, Etoo might have decided to take the advice and lay a solid foundation for his old life regardless of whether it will be now or in the years to come.

It all started with the Cameroonian striker buying a 56 million engagement ring for his long time girlfriend, the mother of his children and the woman of his dreams Tra Lou Georgette. However, despite the insanely expensive engagement ring, the couple went for a ‘low low’ wedding which was private and finally Etoo got to tie the knot with the woman of his dreams.

Here is the lovely wedding pic: