The Confessions of Cruel Ugandan Nanny Who Tortured an Innocent Toddler

Jolly Tuhumirwe is her name and she became famous overnight for all the wrong reasons. This was after the video of her cruelly beating 18 months old Arnella Kamanzi surfaced and went viral. She was later arrested and had charges pressed against her.

The nanny is currently being held at Luzira prison and is awaiting her trial. In a confession cum statement to Ugandaonline she blames her actions on her anger which was as a result of her family woes. Her father was dying sick and she had no money to send home. Her bosses refused to give her money claiming she hadn’t made a month.

She blames Arnella’s mom for mistreating her and accusing her of theft. She claims she wasn’t happy due to accumulated frustrations and she vented her anger on the innocent child thinking she was disciplining her. She had seen the mother slapping the child severally and she emulated that.

Her prison experience hasn’t been any good. Nobody wants to associate with her and fellow prisoners want to beat her up. She feels guilty over her actions and has asked for forgiveness saying she will never repeat such atrocities. Are her reasons justified? You be the judge.

  • Trebor Abmurak

    well..the three(the house girl, father and mother should answer questions. The former is guilty already and the latter two are innocent till proven guilty.There is a lot to be desired here.I think the parents too are irresponsible.

    • Molly Milli

      You have a good point there