Here is how the horrific Muthaiga incident went down leading to the death of two parents the mysterious disappearance of three children


Three children are missing after a bizarre incident of what the police are now terming as murder suicide. Allen, 9, Ryan, 8, Tiffany muthoni, 5. Whereabouts remain unknown one week after the death of their parents. The body of the mother Lydia Wangui, 30, was found badly mutilated near paradise resort along Kiambu road Nairobi. Initial reports indicated that the father, Paul Magu, 35, had been pushed to the road along Thika- Garisaa highway where he died instantly. However this has quickly changed as the driver involved in the grisly accident mentioned that he jumped into the road after leaving his vehicle running.

Evidence was collected from the family home at Muthaiga Pipeline estate in the hope of finding the clues that would aid in understanding what lead to the death of the parents. Different versions of the story are now abounding with neighbors claiming it was a ritualistic sacrifice for a church he apparently served. As for now the extended family members in conjunction with the police are using every avenue availed to them including social media in the hope of returning the children safely to their grandmother. As for now, family members are congregate at the mother’s home in Thika for burial arrangements.

Here is the video courtesy of NTV about the whole incident: