This Is Why Kimayo Resigned Hours After The Fresh Terror Attack By Al Shabaab Militia

The Inspector General of Police, David Kimayo resigned from his post two hours after the Al Shabab attacks in Mandera and Wajir. Sources say that Kimayo’s resignation may have been caused by the constant criticism from the public. A lot of Kenyan citizens were not convinced that Kimayo was doing his part in preventing the attacks or in fighting crime in Kenya. This was made clear on social media as the people constantly pressured Kimayo to resign.

Kimayo who has served in the Kenyan Police for a period of over 34 years said that his resignation was for personal reasons and nothing else. He also went ahead to thank the president of Kenya for giving him an opportunity to serve his country.

The president of Kenya confirmed Kimayo’s resignation in his state of national address. He said that Kimayo has made a decision to take an early retirement for personal reasons.