This Is How Two Suspected Robbers Were Trailed And Shot Dead Along Kimathi Street This Morning


Police officers from the Special Crime Prevention unit shot two suspected robbers along Kimathi Street. The officers said that they had been trailing the gang for a while before the incidence took place. According to the officers, the gang of robbers was planning to rob a shop located near the Jamia Mall. However, their plans were thwarted by the shooting that took place at 8 am.

According to Paul Wanjama the Central OCPD the gang was made up of 7 men but the other five managed to escape when the officers blocked the road.Witnesses say they heard the officers ask the deceased men to surrender but they did not. This they say is what might have prompted the shooting. They also say that one of the deceased was confronted at a very close range while he was standing near the commercial bank. He was shot in the head and fell on the pavement.

The central OCPD also said they recovered a pistol that had 4 bullets in it at the crime scene.