This Is The Real Reason Why President Uhuru’s Case Was Dropped Abruptly


Uhuru’s case has been dropped; this comes barely a week after Bensouda was given an ultimatum to either strengthen or drop the case by the ICC judges. Bensouda who came under heavy criticism for dragging the case claiming to be looking for evidence, decided to drop the case against president Uhuru on the crimes against humanity due to lack of evidence. A rather angry Bensouda in her statement added that if the adjournment she had requested for had been accepted, she would have gathered enough evidence to continue with the case. However Bensouda also added that even though the case has been dropped, there is high possibility that the prosecution could be leveling some new charges against president Uhuru in the future if new evidence is found.

The news come with a lot of mixed reactions with the victim’s lawyers stating that justice has been denied to more than 20000 victims who suffered in the post election violence. However the president has been challenged by many to get back to work and bring security to his citizens now that the case is finally behind him.