Finally Proof That Lawyer Paul Magu Was Mentally Unstable and Very Disturbed

The country has been sent into a roller coaster of emotions after witnessing the untimely demise of a young family under the hands of the one person that should be taking care of them. A lot of stories have flown around about what would have caused the once prominent city lawyer to terminate his own lineage in cold blood but as the saying goes, there is nothing that hides from time and details about the state of Paul Magu have slowly started trickling in.

Mr. Samuel Muhiu, Paul Magu’s father shed some much needed light into the state of his son moments before his death. He stated that his son came home in wet clothes and claimed that he had come across some robbers who had stolen his. This was absurdly odd but as the father further reveals the topping on the cake was yet to come. He left the house to go and buy some milk to make some tea for his beloved son but upon his arrival back home, he found young Magu adorning his Mother’s costumes. He was sure that something was wrong. However, after alerting his elder son and before they could do anything, Magu had already left the following morning and only news about his death would later reach home.

  • Lici Lici

    Agree! Mental illness, possibly major depression or Bipolar. Could possibly have had accompanying psychosis. It may have started more than 2 years before. He had a lot of depressive signs per me to get a diagnosis, including hyperreligiosity. I made 2 posts on one of The Standard reports about “the cult” of my thoughts about his state of mind and I believe both were removed.

  • Osborne