Finally The Magu Family Was Laid To Rest As The Killing Mystery Lingers On

Magus family has finally been laid to rest today at Mr. Magus Father’s home in kiganjo, kimuchu village in juja. The family homestead which was flooded with mourners came in to pay their last respects to the family before being laid to rest. All the five family members, Mr. Magu, his wife Lydia and their 3 children were buried in a mass grave, with the mourners not being given an opportunity to see the bodies as they were too far decomposed.

On the other hand, police are still holding the woman who was found to be in connection with the killings of the family, stating that they believe the woman has information that will help in closure of the magus family. With the church in Chuka claiming that it had no connection with the Magu family, a claim that the deceased brother readily refused straight on.

The now rather sad family hopes that the detectives will do their jobs and bring closure to a rather traumatizing event.