Paul Rosolie the man eaten alive by anaconda talks of his experience

As if the world hasn’t seen everything. Paul the “courageous” man who decided to be eaten by a snake has finally revealed how it was. Paul who is the star of the UK program called eaten alive said that it was a rather boxed feeling being in the snakes stomach. Without any light whatsoever, he compared it to being caught up in a wave and being crushed at the same time bringing about an amazing feeling, which literally sounds ridiculous.

As if the stunt was not enough Paul Rosolie stayed in the enormous snake’s stomach for an hour recording the devouring process and digestion period with small cameras and communication devices. Paul who has been criticized and praised in equal measure hopes that his stunt will raise the concerns in the encroachment of the shrinking ecosystem and will raise money to protect the habitat and that being a snake’s meal was all worth it.