Rihanna Is Pregnant!

Yes, she is. Rihanna has decided to close out the year with a bang and news reaching us is that the international sensation is expecting and she is very ecstatic about it. She is yet to say anything about her bump of joy but if you know Rihanna well, then you know that she is going to make the news in a grand way. It is expected that she is going to break the news in the best way she knows how and that is by discussing it in an upcoming song that she is currently working on.

In anticipation of the arrival of the little one, Rihanna has made some changes to her lifestyle and it is rumored that among these are that she has stopped the use of weed which she has been well known to like and to take things a notch higher, she has banned the use of the same in the studio where she works. Talk of the soon to be mummy standing up for her child. It seems like just like singing, she is going to be a great mum.