If You Thought Kimaiyo Was Out of Office? Think Again!

The man that has been on the lips of many Kenyans and under heavy fire for how he has run the police department allowing the Al-shabab to run rings around the nation is apparently still in office. After offering his retirement letter some days past, most Kenyans let out a sigh of relief but apparently, their joy might have been short-lived. According to Kimaiyo, he offered his retirement letter and not a resignation which means that he would remain in office until there was a fitting person selected to fill his position who he could hand over to.

In his defense, Kimaiyo also showed a letter in which the president sent to him accepting his retirement and at the same time asking him to remain in office until it was occupied by another capable person. Since his retirement on 2nd December, Kimaiyo still goes to the office but does not adorn the uniform and also he does not use flags on his car. It might be some time before we are able to see the end of his reign.