This Is Why Investigative Journalist Mohammed Ali Is Now Having Sleepless Nights And Fearing For His Life

Mohammed Ali is an undisputed Kenyan investigative journalist whose exposes are known to rub the government and powerful individuals the wrong way all the time. He now is a marked man after the documentary that Al Jazeera aired exposing the killer squad that was government sanctioned to eliminate individuals related to terrorist activities.

The expose that was condemned by the government was referred to as a fabrication with officials stating that Al Jazeera does support terrorism. Moha seems to be in the middle of all this by giving classified information to this media house.

Security officers who appeared on the aired expose confessed to taking part in killing of Muslim clerics as authorized by the Kenyan government. Mohammed Ali is known to be very notorious for bringing to light the government ill’s and the death threats only go to show how uneasy his presence on earth makes some people feel.

Here is the video of the expose in case you missed it: Chilling Revelations Of The Al Jazeera Video On Kenya’s Shoot To Kill Death Squads