Breaking: Bomb Discovery Causes Juja Road To Be Closed Down For Long Hours Monday Morning

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was found planted at Mlango Kubwa area alongside Juja Road in Nairobi. Police are currently investigating this occurrence. It has seen the road get closed for hours. The Bomb Disposal Unit was swiftly sent to the area to take away the IED.

A few moments later another IED was found in Pangani area. This one had been planted near the Kirima flats along the roadside as well. According to reports from the police, it is not yet known who had planted those devices there.

The public has been alerted to continue being on the lookout. The police were notified of the presence of the bomb by the public who spotted a freshly dug pile. The IED at Pangani was found at a location where another similar device was discovered earlier this year.

Both devices have been taken away by the police and Bomb Disposal Unit even as crowds continue to grow immensely and traffic in the affected area was unbearable before 7am. The police later gave a report after analysis that the device at Pangani was harmless.