These Are Some Of The Demands 2 Chains Had While Performing In Kenya

If you thought Mariah Carey and Beyonce are the only divas, you probably have not heard of 2Chainz demands while he was performing last weekend. The man can really put on a show, no doubt about it. However he went overboard with his demands. He either looks down on Kenya or he is just a diva; his demands could easily make any queen drop her jaw in shock.

Is smoking weed in public legal in Kenya? 2Chainz and his bouncers seem to assume so or if they knew it is illegal they most definitely did not care about it. The rapper held a press conference but (get this) he did not want journalists taking photographs! Why on earth would you hold a press conference in the first place then?

Drama continues, on stage, there were no curtain raisers. Even accompanying rapper Khaligraph was turned into a mere spectator. During the performance, the concert-goers were not supposed to take photographs otherwise the mean-looking and rough bouncers would escort a poor soul out of the concert mercilessly.

Stage mopping was probably more than the rapping. It is as if the man was scared of contracting some dreadful ‘African disease’. The guy probably did not get a good geography lesson- Kenya is not in West Africa! If 2Chainz can belittle Kenya this much, hiphop fans can only be left to wonder what the likes of Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West would do.