KSh. 10 Earns a Man 40 Years in Prison without Parole

A man in Nakuru accused of murdering a woman over a sh.10 squabble has been sentenced to 40 years in Prison following the ruling of a Nakuru court. The presiding Judge Justice Emukule found Joseph Marunga guilty of the murder of Mercy Lorunye back in 2008 October 10th in a village called Ngomongo.

‘According to the evidence that was presented in court, it is clear that Joseph Maringa Marunga killed the deceased Mercy Lorunye and is as such guilty of the crime. I therefore sentence you to 40 years imprisonment without parole until the 20th year mark’, the judge ruled.

A sister to the deceased had gone on record saying that Marunga came to the home of the deceased aggravated demanding that he be paid his sh. 10 debt that she owed him. She borrowed her sister the money and gave the man sh. 20 and asked for the change. Marunga did not have the change and therefore promise to bring back the change soonest. But as it turned out, he was not to return.

‘Since it was raining, her sister decided to get the change herself after the rain died down’, Rose Lemeuri (the sister), told the court.

Other witnesses state that they were shocked to see a child come running and screaming that Lorunye had been stabbed to death following a brawl that resulted over the balance.

The Man tried to flee but villagers caught up with him and roughed him up before the police came to his rescue and took him into custody. The stained knife, allegedly used for the act was retrieved in the single room where the man lived.