So What Really happened to the KNH Patient Who Died Under very Mysterious circumstances?

After Wilfred Weke a 24 year old student at Zetech College was admitted at the KNH urinal department where he was scheduled to go under a dialysis treatment, he might not have known that his demise was so close and that this would put the largest health facility in East Africa under scrutiny once more. Even though the management of KNH is not new to this scenario of patients dying under unexplained circumstances, there was something unique about the case of Weke that forced the management to sit down together before they could release a statement.

After being admitted on Sunday night, the family was awakened on Monday morning with some rather disturbing news stating that the patient could not be found and was not in his bed. However, the news would only get worse after the lifeless body of the patient would be found by a KNH employee filled with bruises close to 1KM away from the hospital along Mara Road. The body which was already covered with the hospitals bed sheet was taken to the mortuary with plenty of questions not answered and the hospital not doing much to alleviate the situation.

Here is a video on what happened courtesy of NTV Kenya: