Uproar, Anger And Disgust Over The Over The Lenient Sentencing Of The Barbaric Nanny

Uproar, Anger and Disgust Fill the Lenient Sentencing of the Barbaric Ugandan Nanny.
A few weeks back after a CCTV footage was released showing a nanny maliciously beating up a defenseless child, the world was begging for her blood and a lot of people were frantically asking for the death penalty. Well, she did get a penalty but it was nowhere close to death.

Jolly Tumuhiirwe- the nanny in the video was sentenced to only four years in prison leading to uproar, disappointment and disgust in every corner in the world and mothers could not hold back their disappointment at how easy this barbaric lady had gotten off. However, there are a few factors that led to this meagre sentencing.

For starters, she pleaded guilty and explained that the ruthless and merciless beating she had accorded the baby was vengeance for the beating she had received from the mother. It was further revealed that the prosecution could not verify the authenticity of the tape which further dented the case. As we all hold our anger to the sentence that this merciless woman received, it so happens it was the shoddy job of the prosecution otherwise she could have gotten a more significant punishment.