Four- Storey Building Collapses In Kaloleni, Nairobi Trapping Tens Of People Inside

In the midst of all senseless killings, political wrangles and crazy mishaps in Kenya a four-storey residential building has collapsed in Kaloleni, Nairobi, trapping a number of people inside. At the time when the building collapsed it is believed around 30 families were living there. Those who witnessed the calamity say that it collapsed around 3 am Wednesday morning.

So far only a handful of people have been rescued and taken to the Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment. At the moment, The Kenya Fire Brigade Team, Kenya Red Cross team and the Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre are working tirelessly to ensure that everyone is evacuated safely from the rubble.

So far there is no specific data on how many remain trapped in the collapsed building but a number of occupants who still reamin trapped are in constant communicating with members of the rescues teams via mobile phones.