So Far This Is What is Believed To Have Caused The Makongeni Tragedy


The Makongeni tragedy that occurred earlier today where a four storied building in Kaloleni collapsed is allegedly blamed on poor architectural construction. Scores ended up being trapped and rescue efforts have been going on since the incident occurred at about 2 or 3 a.m.

So far, one individual has succumbed to fatal injuries while several others were taken to hospital. The sad thing is that greed is what fuels many owners who invest little in safety and more in the number of units they own.

In the end, the tenants are the ones who are in danger. Poor architectural designs are a norm in our Kenya with structures being erected every now and then. Regardless of many tragedies that occur yearly, there aren’t any strict laws and punishments to govern and curb such unfortunate events from recurring.

Here is a video courtesy of KTN Kenya of some of the victims undergoing treatment: