This Is What Controversial Blogger Robert Alai Got From The Government For Being Such A Pain


Ideally, when you capture the attention of the government, you are either one lucky chap, or one chap who is about to make history. In the case of Robert Alai who has never shied away at taking sucker punches at the government, he finally got what had been long coming to him. As much he might not be history, his night last night is going to be a piece of his history that he would give anything to forget.

It is not clear what Alai did but it had to be one of these two. First he shared the president’s contacts with the public which according to the police is the reason for his arrest and the second is that he referred to president’s Kibera project as ‘Kalongolongo’ which according to Alai is the reason for his arrest. Regardless of what the real reason was, he finally caught the government’s eye and paid the price. He spent the night in a rather unsightly prison which to him might have been ages and according to the pictures he shared, you would not want to be there even a minute. He is due to be presented at the Kiambu Law Court.