Shocking!!! Defilement and Killing of a 3-Year Old in Kawangware

Defilement of minors has become the face of Kenya and this seems to get worse by the day. We have beasts living among us who see it fit to view a 3 year old as a desirable sexual being. Police are currently investigating the defilement and murder of a young girl aged 3.

Her body was found in Kawangware on Monday inside a thicket. Her body had acid sprinkled all over it and it seems that she was raped, killed then the assailant tried to get rid of her corpse afterwards. Witnesses claim they last saw the girl playing on Sunday evening at her mum’s shop.

Children who’d been playing near the thicket found the body of the missing girl. Are our kids safe anymore? This saddens any reasoning human being. Her parents await postmortem results to establish what caused her death.