Mp Moses kuria: Millie Odhiambo Behaved Like a Mad Woman, Removed Her own Panties


So after accusing members of parliament of attempted stripping, Gatundu Mp Moses Kuria is adding his voice in the matter. According to his version Mbita Mp Millie Odhiambo behaved like a mad woman taking off her innerwear screaming that Luo women are not ashamed of their nakedness.

Apparently this altercation came about after the attack of the deputy speaker Joyce Laboso by homabay legislator Gladys wanga who poured water on her. Accordingly Mp Moses Kuria saw it fit to protect her from another impending attack read ‘Millie Odhiambo’. It is after these that she took to her facebook page naming Mp Moses Kuria of hitting her in the face and three others of wanting to strip her.

This incident comes hours after fist fights degenerated in parliament when debating the contentious security bill. However as the mp accuses Millie Odhiambo of behaving unruly one wonders what is the story behind the swollen face she has right at the eye area. If he didn’t hit her as she claims then who did? Either way the irritant mp states he has no apologies to make.