Some MPS Tried To Strip Me In Parliament Claims Mbita Legislator Millie Odhiambo

During the debate of the controversial bill yesterday in parliament that degenerated into fist fights, it seems some mps took advantage of the interruption of live streaming to inject hooliganism of the highest order in parliament. The outspoken mp of Mbita has come out with claims that during the fist fight some mps tried to undress and strip her naked.

Millie Odhiambo took to her facebook account to vent her frustration accusing controversial Mp Moses Kuria of going a step further by hitting her on the face. She further went on to state that an ever drunk mp descended on her trying to take off her panties while other two lifted up her dress. Staying strong in the face of discrimination for being a woman the mp has vowed not to let anything of the sort put her down stating she will not be intimidated stating that she’ completed the process for them’. This unfortunately comes in the wake of undressing incidents in the country that led to many women being stripped and molested in the name of indecent dressing.

Now its only matter of time before the culprits are names, shamed and charged for heinous uncouth behavior after all they are not above the law.