This Is How Daring Nairobians Have Become Nowadays

A caretaker of a house in the leafy Lavington estate was arrested by police yesterday on allegations of growing bhang in the home farm. The officers from Valley Arcade uncovered the farm when they acted from a tip from one of the neighbors. The neighbor went to report to the police station when the caretaker acted suspiciously by refusing to allow them to enter the compound.

Dagoretti DCIO Ondoro Joseph further revealed to news sources that the bhang was being grown alongside maize plants, presumably to act as a camouflage. The police later estimated the marijuana farm to have a street value of about 2 million Kenyan Shillings.

In his defense, the caretaker told the police that the bhang belonged to the owner of the house before being whisked away to the station for further questioning by the officers.