These Were The Shocking Posts That Landed Blogger Lieutenant Wadi Into Hot Soup

After all the hate that came from Robert alai another student blogger from the Moi University has been arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for abusing the president. Alan Wadi who goes by the name lieutenant Wadi on social media first tweeted on December 18 that president Uhuru should be killed if not by fate by hate as Kenyans cannot be headed by a head full of bhang. As if this did not get the attention he needed he went ahead and talked about the new security laws passed and referred to Uhuru as a silly president who wants to throw democracy out the window and bring in dictatorship all but to save face.

This on the other hand did not go unnoticed as lieutenant Wadi was arrested and charged with two separate accounts of abusing the commander in chief. Each sentence carried a term of 1 year in prison or a charge of sh. 100,000 which he could not raise, and as that he is privileged to serve two years in prison for penning his thoughts down on social media. Kenyans however have different reactions some lauding the sentence while others openly disappointed by the verdict. Those disappointed stated that there seems to be two justice systems in Kenya in reference to MP Moses Kuria who was not charged in a similar situation.