Breaking: James Orengos Son Hospitalized In Critical Condition After A Casual Night Out With Friends


Just hours after the CORD leader Raila Odinga’s son fidel Odinga died, James Orengo’s son has been hospitalized in Aga khan Hospital. This comes after having a few drinks out with friends. Friends and family who are around the hospital seem desperate to know the exact condition of their loved and are shocked as this comes after what seemed as a usual night out.

The story is still developing and the senators son Bob James Orengo doesn’t seem to be out of the woods as his condition seems unchanged. On the other hand one just can’t help but imagine that this might be a conspiracy to eliminate the children of all the big wigs of CORD. First wetangula collapses in an airport, kajwang passes on due to heart attack and other bruises, Raila odinga’s son dies after a night out with friends and Bob orengo is now in a critical health condition after a night out.

With no official comment on the condition of the senator’s son except that he is in a critical state, Kenyans have to wait a little longer to be able to get more useful information.