Yet Another Building Collapses In Nairobi! Here are the Grueling Details

As it is, the incompetence of the City’s planning department and the greed of Nairobi business men seem to have no bounds. This has been evidenced by the staggering numbers of buildings that keep collapsing. On Sunday Huruma estate was the casualty of such occurrences.

A six story residential building came tumbling down in Huruma at around 7 PM trapping scores of people. With 2 people confirmed dead one of them being a child and scores of others freed from the rubble, it is not clear how many more people could be trapped within given the timing of the incident.

There were immediate and intense rescue efforts that were headed by the police and as usual goodwill Kenyans also tried to do their best. As you would expect, the planning department blamed the occurrence on the developer saying that responsibility started with the individual. Our prayers and well wishes to those that have been admitted in hospital as the rescue efforts push on.