A father mourns his son: This is what Raila Odinga had to say

Raila Odinga and His wife Ida Odinga took some time to remember the last moments they shared with Fidel Castro before he passed away. The former prime minister talked about the last conversation he had with his son. He described the conversation as a lengthy and healthy conversation. He maintained a level of poise and even made a few jokes about his late son’s taste in women referring to Fidel’s wife Lwam Gatachew Bekelle. This is the first time the former prime minister has talked about the death of his son since he passed away.

The president, Uhuru Kenyatta was also present in this gathering. In his speech, the president offered his support and condolences to Raila Odinga’s family and promised to have the death of his son investigated.

The family announced that Fidel’s funeral will take place at his grandfather’s home in Bondo, Siaya County. The burial ceremony is scheduled to take place on Saturday this week.