These Are The New Charges That The Suspected Chinese Cyber Criminals Are Now Facing

With the influx of the Chinese nationals in the country there was bound to be some cases sprouting up the latest being from the swoop that happened in Kenya’s suburb area, Runda that netted dozens of Chinese nationals. Initially being suspected to have been engaging in cyber crime and money laundering are now facing new charges with the progression of investigations.

The 37 individuals have now been given added charges of operating unlicensed telecommunication system and now the state has added organized crime to the list that involves being in the country illegally. However with some of their counterparts having escaped the initial December dragnet, bail has been denied so far. However with such high charges faced by them like fraud networking and money laundering one wonders why the sentence attracts a mere three years in jail. Why just not deport them to the prisons and let the Chinese government deal with them, after all if they are convicted in Kenya it is Kenyans hard earned tax payer money that will be used to feed them.