Nairobi Business Man Allegedly Caught Bragging How He Was Behind The Death Of Fidel Odinga


The death of Fidel Odinga on Sunday is what many people would refer to as unclear and mysterious. Up to now, pathologies assigned to the deceased case are yet to unravel the mystery behind the former prime Minister’s Son, death.

But even before the deceased is laid to rest, accusations and allegations pertaining to his death are insidious. Robert Alai, a prolific blogger in Kenya has recently accused Paul Kobia of having a hand in the death of Fidel after he was heard bragging about how he organized the assault that led to Fidel’s death, to security officers at the Buffet park on Monday night.

Kobia is also alleged to brag of being sort of immune to arrest as he enjoys state protection. The reason he enjoys such protection is unknown especially given that he threatened to take Raila’s life late last year. What is however clear, is that he has been arrested over these recent allegations.
These news will surely turn the tides.