10 Most Surprising Things You Did Not Know About Paul Kobia

Paul Kobia has is a controversial business man who has gained quite a reputation. Here are 10 surprising things you did not know about him.

1. He is a licensed gun holder. He owns 4 guns
2. He has been evaluated by a psychiatrist
3. He has been beaten by Raila Odinga’s bodyguards for threatening the former Prime Minister’s life.
4. He is a billionaire
5. He does not have one finger in his left hand. People claim that a rival businessman chopped it off.
6. Mike Sonko is his long time close friend
7. He killed a man in Limuru Road who he claimed was a mugger
8. He has a good sense of fashion. Most of his clothes are made by noted designers
9. He is one of the people who accompanied Uhuru Kenyatta to the Hague
10. The United Nations named him as one of the people who smuggled gold from Congo