This Is The Real Reason Why Sonko’s Flamboyant Bodyguards Were Disarmed And Are Likely To Face Disciplinary Action

Nairobi senator Mike Sonko is not new to controversy. Actually, this is the one thing that seems to be his standard. However, this time he was not at the center of it but was around it either way. After plenty of criticism and fiery complaints from the public, Sonko’s security guards pulled the plug on themselves this Tuesday after they arrived at the Lee funeral home brandishing their assault rifles like they were flowers and in civilian clothing which did not sit well with the cream of the police force.

This led to a directive by the acting police Inspector General Samwel Arachi to have the two disarmed and face possible disciplinary action given their conduct. The actions of the two at the lee funeral home during the picking of the body of former Kamkunji MP Simon Mbugua’s Mother was the last nail on the coffin as previously civilians had complained about how the guards were harassing them on the roads, in malls and any other social place that they visited. Finally the police seem to be getting their act together.