Was Paul Kobia Really Arrested For Claiming To Have Been Involved In The Death Of Raila Odinga’s, Son Fidel Odinga?

The news about the arrest of Paul Kobia spread widely yesterday. It was reported that the businessman was arrested after he said he knew who had killed the late Fidel Castro. According to the reports, Paul Kobia was being held at Gigiri Police Station. The Kenyan Police have however come forward and denied having arrested him.

The police advised the public not to take Paul Kobia seriously. This they explained is because the man is not of sound mind. They also said that Paul Kobia had previously been beaten up by Fidel Castro’s bodyguards after an argument they had with Fidel at the Kilimani restaurant. The police also revealed that Paul Kobia is a licensed gun holder who once shot down a robber at Limuru Road.

It is said that at the time that Paul Kobia was supposedly arrested, he was in the company of his friend Mike Sonko. Mike Sonko’s bodyguards helped in disarming the violent Paul Kobia. This does not come as a surprise because his family had also sought the services of the police when he became violent and took him to a psychiatrist for evaluation