Heckling of Charity Ngilu and Rachael Omamo at Fidel Odinga’s Funeral Uncalled For

Well it seems that Kenyans never seem to disappoint in their vile attitudes of heckling others with different opinions. On Saturday some folks in Bondo in Nyanza province decided to turn the burial procession of business man and son of former prime minister Raila Odinga, Fidel Castro Odinga into a political tussle. Wise leaders of the Jubilee political alliance avoided the funeral with the exception of two who had a rough time. The first on the podium was Hon Charity Ngilu who soldier on amidst boos as she communicate her condolences to the family. Things however took a different turn when Rachel Omamo tried to read her condolence messages from the president. The situation escalated to a worse scenario with individuals throwing all sorts of items to her including shoes leading to her removal from the podium.

This said however it’s unfortunate that the political truce seen didn’t last long until the burial of Fidel, a man hailed for his non tribal nature. That said, freedom of expression should not be misused. Fidel’s funeral program was not the place or time to show political allegiance and dislikes and it was gross disrespect to his good name.

You can watch the video hear courtesy of NTV Kenya: