Revealed: Names of Facebook Users Recruiting Kenyans into Devil Worshiping

Satanism is a topic that many would rather avoid or ignore. However, if you ever took the time to research on the topic, you will be surprised at the loads of information you will get. Earlier today on buyer beware Kenya, there was a headline stating that Jackson Njeru, the group’s admin, had been tagged by an individual, alleged to be his brother and a staunch devil worshipper. He invalidated the claims stating that he a Christian and has no links to any cult.

As you would expect the post got lots of comments with Dennis Nthumbi taking it a notch higher exposing names of facebook users who are known to have declared their allegiance to the Dark Lord.

These stalwarts of the devil snoop round the internet looking for innocent and naïve teenagers to dupe into ‘money making’ projects with the sole requirement that they offer their relatives as living sacrifices. The unsuspecting Kenyans join only to fuel and give life to a vicious cycle of devil worshipping.