See Why The Defiant Gatundu South Mp, Moses Kuria Is Apologetic And Is Choosing Another Path

It seems that the new security bill touching on incitement and hate speech is quickly humbling many prominent individuals at a fast rate. Many people know of Moses Kuria, the Gatundu south Mp who defiantly speaks his mind and doesn’t shy from cameras and by extension controversy. This man is allegedly now sorry for his past mistakes and wants to rectify them by preaching harmony and putting stop to his careless rumblings that caused tribal divide.

Interesting though this comes just a few days after the he was invited to NCIC offices for some questioning over the matter. The result; falling of the great Moses Kuria! As expected he is to apologize for his doing in print and rallies. However one wonders just how sincere he is, after all it was that or jail time with fresh cases still in the minds of many. Still whatever reason, the move is a great strategy for the next election.