So Just How Much Did Kalonzo Really Contribute to Fidel’s Funeral?

After a list of the amount of money various politicians had contributed for Fidel Castro’s funeral was revealed, social media was on fire. This was mainly because a lot of people were not pleased with what the former Vice President; Kalonzo Musyoka had contributed to the kitty. According to the list, Kalonzo has only contributed 25,000 Kenya Shillings. This according to many social media users is a very small amount of money since Kalonzo is a man who is known to be very wealthy.

Following the ongoing discussion on social media, Kalonzo was forced to reveal the real amount he contributed for the funeral. His clarification however triggered more mixed reactions from Kenyans. For instance Bernard Kariuki tweeted,”No pressure Mheshimiwa, Not even your left hand should know what your right hand gave.” Saito also on tweeter said in reply to Kalonzo’s tweet that ‘bado hiyo ni kidogo’

It is not known what the amount each politician who contributed to the kitty is since the list on social media is not true. However, Raila Odinga personally thanked the President, Uhuru Kenyatta for providing security officers and choppers for the funeral which was held on Saturday in Bondo District.