Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka: The List With The Fidel Funeral Contributions Is Fake, This Is What I Really Contributed

There have been ongoing discussions on social media concerning what Kalonzo Musyoka contributed to Fidel Odinga’s funeral after a list of what different politicians contributed was posted on social media. According to the list, Kalonzo contributed Ksh.25, 000.

The wiper leader was forced to reveal the real amount he contributed to Fidel’s kitty after the social media discussions claiming he was not generous enough. He revealed that he contributed a total of Ksh.200, 000 to the kitty and not Ksh.25, 000 as rumored. His statement was also supported by Dennis Kivisu who said that some Jubilee leaders were not pleased with the fact that Kalonzo was close with Raila Odinga and were therefore out to get him. He implied that the list on social media was released by Jubilee leaders who were attempting to create a drift between Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka. He also said that this was not their first attempt as they tried to make Kalonzo look bad when they supposedly sponsored rumors that Kalonzo was not supporting the Okoa Kenya Initiative.