Incredibly Motivating: See What One Man Was Able To Accomplish From Selling Maize And Shining Shoes

Let’s start with a quick question. Supposing your source of income was roasting maize and shining shoes, what would be your ambition in life? Well, while the calls to government to create more jobs and assist every corner, one man Sylvester Kibe has made an astounding leap in his life and it is all thanks to his little business of roasting maize.

For a lot of people, this kind of business would be your hand to mouth source of income but for Kibe who is fondly known to his peers as Wa-Mei, he sat down and made a 10 year plan. Over this time, he saved 200 shillings every day and after the 10 years of religious saving, he has finally bought a glamorous matatu and not forgetting where it came from, the matatu that is now fully pimped even has a roasted maize sticker. This reminds Kibe who also doubles up as a shoe polisher of his efforts and just what a big important a little leak can have on a big ship. The impressive part is that even after his milestone achievement, he is still stuck to roasting maize. Now that is what you call a humble soul.

Here is the video courtesy of K24 Kenya: