This Is The Real Reason Why Renowned Gospel Singer Gloria Muliro And Husband Pastor Eric Omba Are Ending A Five Year Marriage


It seems that lately “men of God” as it were are getting highlights for all the wrong reason ranging from fake miracles to being caught pants down with congregation members. This time round it circles on the marriage life of renowned gospel artist Gloria Muliro and the end of her five year old marriage. According to numerous accounts from people, it seems that pastor Eric Omba concentrated on money and at the same time had numerous affairs with flock and clients including one Trizzah and Sly Rochelle Williams. It gets even better with facts emerging that Eric took Sly to Machakos, a fact confirmed by Sly but refuted by Pastor Eric, stating he has never met Sly even accidentally in Machakos. This and other numerous cases confirmed by church studio members like being mistreated and mishandled and shouted to like a child, saw the relationship go from bad to worse, having developed cracks within the first month of marriage.

Having put up with the lies, infidelity, violence and mismanagement of her career and finance, Gloria Muliro has finally decided to walk out. That said however it seems that the other party is denying everything and calling it misunderstanding centering on issue of child bearing. Nonetheless it seems that her living a double life as an ever cheerful singer by day and tearful troubled wife at night is over.