Apparently, Quincy Timberlake, Esther Arunga’s current Husband, had another wife

A woman by the name Rose Mueni has come out claiming that she is the ex-wife of Quincy Timberlake, Esther Arunga’s Husband. According to Rose Mueni, she and Quincy met when she was in her 20s and fell head over heels in love. In just one year, she had moved in with Quincy in South B.

She described Quincy Timberlake as the ideal husband as he was able to provide for his family even when he was out of the country for music performances. During their stay together, Mueni says that Quincy has visited her family but she on the other never had the chance to visit his parents.

Rose Mueni claims she was always curious about Quincy’s job especially when he started going out of the country for extended periods of time but she never had the courage to ask him. She however says she got the courage to confront him when news about Quincy’s and Joseph Hellon arrest for running an illegal society were aired.

Rose says she was deeply hurt when Quincy left her for Esther Arunga. This is not only because she loved him but also because he left her to raise their three children all on her own. This she says was very difficult for her.