Infamous Pastor, Victor Kanyari Stayed True To His Dodgy Tactics On Thetrend Yesterday And This Is What He Had To Say

So yesterday on the trend Larry Madowo was to host Jeff Koinange and the infamous Pastor, Victor Kanayari. At 10 pm everyone was glued to their screens hoping to see what transpires. However, Kanyari stayed true to his dodgy tactics and decided to not show up at the last minute. A few viewers were disappointed however majority already had a hunch that he wouldn’t show up. In fact some went ahead to even tweet they would be shocked if he had shown up.

Jeff Koinange who ended up being the main guest was so disgruntled by Kanyari’s dubiousness that he said he would never want to host him on his own show, “Jeff Koinange Live”. Larry on the other hand was still hopeful that he would turn up on the “Trend” someday.

This was the sms that Pastor Kanayari sent to NTV to apologize for not showing up on the show.