Allegedy, Paul Kobia Turned Down An Appointment To Be Japan’s Ambassador And This Is The Reason Why

Businessman, Paul Kobia claims to have turned down an opportunity to be Kenya’s Ambassador to Japan. He said on twitter that he was grateful the president made him such an offer but he chooses to stay in the country in order to defend him. There is no government official who has made comments about this. It is therefore difficult to tell if the claims are true or false.

He also said that he is the Interim Executive Director of the Jubilee Alliance Party. He also tweeted other remarks. In one, he claimed that the only people who are allowed to have sirens in their vehicles are; Himself, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Paul Kobia also had a warning for those who abuse the president. He said that anyone who dared to abuse the president would be taken to prison where they will not be happy because they have people there as well.

Here is a scoop of some of the tweets he posted on twitter:


serikali ni imara

sirens are us

we have people there