So,Who really owns the Hotel linked to the Langata Primary Playground grabbing saga


In recent developments of the Langata land grab claim, the deputy presidents’ lawyer has come out in strong defense of his client. Similarly, Ahmednasir Abdullahi , the hotels’ lawyer made it clear that Mr Ruto, the current deputy president, is not even a shareholder. The management of the hotel has so far not made any official comments about the grab. The lawyer made those remarks after its greatest shareholder MR Osiero said he had no interest in the property which is now worth millions.

While talking on phone Mr Abdullahi confirmed MR Osiore was its director. He went on to say that the hotel had nothing to do with the land that is next to it. According to the renowned lawyer, in 1998 the hotel wanted to negotiate for side entrance with MR Sighn Harbana, the alleged owner but left it when it was allowed entry into Langata road. So far it has not yet been made clear who the owner of the property which lies within the school is.