Ten Things You Did Not Know About Gloria Muliro’s Gloria Muliro’s Estranged Husband

Having hit the headlines less than a week ago, the separation of Pastor Eric Omba and sensational gospel singer Gloria Muliro has hit many by surprise; nonetheless this has given the husband a new lease in the public eye. Having remained in the background, here are a few things about Gloria Muliros Husband

Dictator; Unfortunately, according to reports he likes micro managing her wife’s assets, social media accounts, from home life to music career that put him in position to misappropriate wife’s funds.

Pastor; He owns and runs a church located in Kayole, however his Christian qualifications as a pastor are questionable as his roots show he has not been ordained anywhere or received appropriate ministerial qualifications.

Wife beater; Eric Omba apparently has a short fuse and became violent to the extent it was visible to his employees especially so in regard to his wife.

Adulterer; Reports show that he was having an affair with some of his church faithful and upcoming artistes namely Trizzah and Sly, however he refuted those claims

Musician; Eric Omba launched his music career in August 2014 and is behind various songs like ‘mtoto yatima’, and ‘sibanduki’

Congolese; His home country has been suspected to be from Congo or Rwanda, however none of this has ever been confirmed.

Manager; So far he has been confirmed to be the manager of Ruth Matete music career, the TPF project 5 winner.

Businessman; He is the owner of a church based music studio by the name spotlight media where he specializes in production of gospel songs.

No children; He has no children with Gloria Muliro. So far that is what is clear.

Humble; After initially refuting claims of an affair, he has finally humbled himself and asked for forgiveness for having an affair and mishandling his wife.