This Is The Real Reason Why The Icc Case Against President Uhuru Kenyatta Collapsed


Fatou Bensouda, the ICC prosecutor made an extensive explanation as to why Uhuru Kenyatta’s case collapsed. She said that the witnesses whose testimonies had been used to confirm the charges against Uhuru Kenyatta had been influenced to take back their testimonies. These witnesses she said were witness 4, 11 and 12.

Witness 4 and 11 had attended a meeting in State House that was a meeting against ODM attackers. Witness 4 was later approached by an intermediary of the accused and asked to withdraw his testimony concerning the PEV. The intermediaries responsible were Bildad Kagai and Njee Muturi. These acts according to Bensouda lead to her decision to withdraw the witness because his credibility had been damaged. The prosecutor also said that Ferdinand Waititu who is a close friend to the accused was responsible for influencing witness 11 and 12.

Bensouda explained that close associates of the accused damages witness’ and Uhuru has knowledge of it but was not directly involved. However what undermined her case is the withdrawal of witness 11 who apparently oversaw the attacks on Uhuru.