This Is What Flamboyant Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, Had To Say About His Mental Health

There have been ongoing rumors on social media claiming that Mike Sonko is mentally ill and currently hospitalized in Mathare Hospital. The senator decided to come forth and speak on the matter. He said that the rumors are not true. He also said that he is currently in Mandera with other leaders. The purpose of the trip to Mandera was for the leaders to visit some of the areas that were attacked by the Al Shabab group.

When asked why they would be in Mandera while there is a House Recess, he explained that the mission was only a fact finding mission they choose to take. The senator also posted pictures of himself in Mandera to support his claims. He said that people are just out to make him look bad this is because people on social media had also made claims that Mike Sonko was dead while he wasn’t.